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BTS provides international air freight services to and from any country around the world.

We ensure timely delivery of our clients' goods right from the airport to the final point of delivery; this includes assistance in the clearing process both for imports and exports.
--> We do take care of our clients clearance
--> Air line dealings and handling
--> Air port transfer charges
--> Storage Issues
--> VAT and Import duty, Excise Duty
--> Postponement

BTS also deals with management and supervision of bonded warehousing and high way transport to various end points.

Our charges are dependent on volumetric weight thus are pocket friendly

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BTS offers efficient and knowledgeable customs brokerage services and guides our customers' shipment from any country of import until their country of destination.

Our sea Freight services include general cargo, specialized cargo and heavy equipment.

BTS offers services with maximum concern which ensures that our clients get value for their money by delivering the goods on time every time and after handling the entire clearing process.

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BTS has offices that are strategically located near all entry points to the country namely Entebbe, Malaba/Tororo, Busia, Katuna, Koboko, Vura and Lira



BTS offers shipping and customs brokerage services that can guide your goods through the complex customs process to any destination of your choice.

Our services integrate ship, air, rail and road transport and ensure that you get the most cost effective and time efficient services.

Once you have booked your cargo with us, our responsibility is to serve with maximum concern and ensure that the cargo is carefully transported from the shippers' door to its designated destination.

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BTS helps bring all import and export processes together right from the country of import to the final destination by providing Air and Sea freight services, Cargo Handling Services at the ports and customs clearing process on the clients behalf.

We provide transport services including bonded ware houses which are strategically located along all entry points in the country like Katuna, Koboko, Malaba and Vura. This ensures that your cargo is handled with maximum concern from the country of import to the final destination, this leads to;
--> Timely delivery of goods as they will be handled by one company.
--> Convenience on the part of the customer since BTS helps in the clearing process from the country of origin to the final destination.
--> Value for money as BTS provides safe ware houses for the goods and at the same time handles transportation thus the client pays less compared to one who has various service providers.

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BTS provides a financial guarantee which aids our clients in clearing the taxes, fines or penalties that may be incurred in the process of transportation of cargo.
BTS imports bond is available anytime and every time one chooses to import or export his goods. This allows greater security for customs.

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BTS has an efficient team that can help you in getting your shipment pass the customs without encountering any problem.

BTS assists in the documentation both offline and online, calculate related taxes and ensure that your goods are cleared through customs in a timely, seamless and economical fashion.

We handle issues concerning entry procedures, classification issues, valuation and classification of goods, assessment of duties and anti dumping.

We ensure that we comply with regulatory and statutory requirements at all times on behalf of our client.



BTS provides a variety of trucking services depending upon customers' needs for example;
-- Domestic trucking which carries cargo beyond local areas and commercial zones.
-- Inter modal trucking which is the movement of cargo interchangeably between transport modes like motor, ocean and air carriers where the equipment is compatible with in the multiple systems.

BTS has the experience; we know the kind of questions to ask upfront in order to eliminate any potential issues before they arise. With just one call, we can have one of our carriers at your door ready to pick your cargo.

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At BTS we not only handle regular cargo, but also have the experience of handling special odd sized or shaped cargo with the help of our technical support. This service covers both containerised and non containerised cargo.

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